Dry coke quenching plants (DCQP)

Parts (as a suite, individually):

 1. The movement lift (ML)

   The movement lift (ML) is a restrictedly mobile self-propelled run machinery of cyclic action that seizes, moves VRK body (filled with hot coke, burden) along the shaft guides of DCQP from the lower level to the top, carries the load from the tripping point to the place of unloading (into the quenching station);

   Operations performed:

  • installation of the body on the loading machine;
  • opening/closing of the bottom gates;
  • return of the empty body to the lower level;
  • installation of the body on the platform (carriage) with the simultaneous release of the jaws.

   It works in the individual or group load circuits.

   With regard to the loading circuits, the required set of functional units is assembled: power supply and electromechanical drive.

   Control: power operated motor controllers, frequency transducers, programmable controllers combined with sensing stop;

   Control modes: manual, semi-automatic.

   Operation cycle time, s – 500 to 720 seconds.

   Bearing capacity on the special hook, t – 45 to 80.

   Mass of each design, t:

  • supply – 140 to 160;
  • operational – 183 to 238.

Technical equipment (video control devices, enhanced heat-resistance, climate control system, etc.) can be updated based on the additional orders.


Lift for several quenching stations (design I)



Lift for one quenching station (design II)


2. Loading machine (LM)


   ensures leak-proofing of the quenching station top, prompt opening/closing of station neck with setting/offset of re-loading funnel between the body and the neck, with the option of elements of dust collecting system when loading.

   Manufactures options:

   a) passive (non-drive - control of lift running);

   b) active (individual electromechanical drives).

   Dimensions LхWхH, m – 9.850..10.50х9.6х2.9..5.2.

   SPTA supply weight, t 20.0 .. 22.5.



Loading machine with electromechanical drive



Loading machine with hydraulic drive.


3. Blasting machine (BM)


   forms supply and annular uniform distribution of the cooled inert gas in the bottom of the coke quenching station (when supplying it towards hot coke flow) and separates cooled coke stream before its release into discharge device. Made as a conical funnel (with a central collector for gas stream) and a cap (reverse cone type) with louvred windows.

   Work surfaces are lined with wear-resistant materials (cast iron; steel of HARDOX type) under the operating temperatures of 180 - 250 ° C.

   Flow capacity:

  • for coke, t/h, at least 56 and then by the application;
  • for gas, m3/h, at least 80,000.

   Dimensions (for construction base).

  • diameter, mm ~ 6,500.
  • height, mm ~ 4,920.
  • mass, t - 22.1.

Blasting machine (BM)


4. Discharge Machine (DM)


   performs portioned alternate discharge of cold coke from quenching station onto the conveyor from the sides in form of 2-3-deck unit with an upper gate valve chamber (dispenser), drive shut-off hinges.

   Intermediate chamber is a pre-allocation (batching) collector of discharge portion with sealing valves.

   Lower double-flow bin with sectoral gates of control of coke flow running on the conveyor belt.

   Inside surfaces are lined with removable wear-resistant materials (cast iron; steel of HARDOX type).

   Performance, t/h (optional), at least 52.

   Duration of semi-cycle (1 discharge), min – max. 2.

   A number of drives, unit – 9.

  Drive type - electromechanical.  

   Dimensions LхWхH, m 8.8х5.3х9.3.

   Mass, t ~ 38.


Discharge Machine (DM)


5. Platform and body moving gear (P&BMG)



   Applied only in DCQP schemes with group loading. Ram tub-pusher with a predetermined movement stroke, prompt seizure of moving object – a platform with car body (VRK). Mounted on the lower level of the shaft of quenching station block, taking into account the position of location of the surface track.

   The drive is an electromechanical, rack gear, with straight or folding bar.

   Dimensions LхWхH, m – 21.85 .. 23.4 х 9.4 .. 7.7 х 2.4 .. 5.7.

   SPTA supply weight, t - 15.0 ... 17.0.


Platform and body moving gear (folding bar)


Platform and body moving gear (straight bar)


6. Process equipment


   Gas transportation systems:

  • gas collectors;
  • crossover gas lines;
  • centralised systems.

 Dust free coke pushing collectors:

  • belt;
  • sheet-like.

Heating system valves and coke oven battery fittings:

  • air-gas valves;
  • reversible, locking cocks;
  • coke oven gas discharge standpipes (mechanical, w/hydraulic drive, with pneumatic or hydraulic seal);
  • cocks and hydraulic steam injection valves;
  • frames, casings, doors;
  • backstrays and battery anchorage;
  • coke oven frame gates;
  • screens (multiroll disc type, five-sieve);
  • coke drums.