Coal charger (CC) - It is intended for charging coal furnaces with furnaces. The number of auxiliary operations performed by the machine is determined by its execution. The car moves from the coal tower to the stoves and back along the rail tracks laid on top of the battery.


  • maintenance of upper platform of coke oven battery with 12 to 51 m3 unit volume of the coking chamber;
  • ensuring of loading, unloading and transportation of coal burden from the coal storage bin to the chamber.

   Operations performed:

  • opening/burying of coal storage bin, bin gates, ascension-pipe lids;
  • removal/installation of the charge-hole lids;
  • lowering and pulling of crossover chutes between the bins and charge holes;
  • turning on/off hydraulic steam injection valves;
  • cleaning of lids and mounting surfaces, wells and riser elbows.
Design Single-throw
Volume of maintained furnace, m3 21,6-51,0
Furnace height, m 4,3-7,0
Furnace service (by cycles)

From one plant

Moving speed, m/s tо 2,2
Bin capacity, m3 10 … 25
Electric system Power operated motor, frequency control, on-board computer
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa 6,3; 10
Drive type

Hydromechanical / Electromechanical / Combined.

Dust free coke pushing systems Centralised dust suppression system; valve and belt; standalone dust suppression system
SPTA supply weight, t 80 … 150
Operational mass, t 96 … 190