Door extractor (DE) - Is designed to serve the coke side. The main operations performed by the machine, depending on the version: removal and installation of the door, supply and removal of the coking board to the furnace, directed coke to the coke oven, cleaning doors and frames, trapping the dust and gas mixture, cleaning up the spilled coke. The machine moves along the front of the kilns along rail tracks laid on the service area of the battery or has an additional third support.


  • maintenance of coke oven batteries with 12 to 51 m3 unit volume of coking chamber at the coke end when coke yielding;
  • performance of 9 to 18 key, support operations and processing steps;

   Set of functional mechanisms and devices (provides the possibility of working in several positions).

   Complete set of modifications:

  • coupling of 2-3 components on 2-rail track;
  • carriage and gantry on 3-rail track.

   Special elements:

  • dust suppression system when coke yielding.

   Option 1 for the centralised dust suppression system of collector-exhaust type;

   Option 2 for the centralised dust suppression system collector-valve type;

   Option 3 for stand-alone dust suppression system on the coke guide (“dry” or “wet” type).

  • drives: electric, hydraulic in different combinations on gears (energy supply).
  • control from CPR

   Control: power operated motor controllers, frequency transducers, software controllers.

  • Modes: manual, semi-automatic by operation groups.
  • Maintenance cycle time, s - 400-720 seconds.
  • Performance, yield/h - 5-7.

   Weight and dimension parameters, technical equipment (video control device and dust suppression devices, etc.) can be updated based on the additional orders.

Design Standard
Volume of maintained furnace, m3; 21,6-51,0
Furnace height, m 4,3-7,0

Coupling, carriage

Furnace service

With transfers

Moving speed, m/s 1,4
Track, m 1,5; 1,8; 2
Electric system Power operated motor, frequency control, on-board computer
Levelling speed, m/s 1,34-1,48
Door extractor moving speed, m/s 0,02/0,06
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa 6,3; 10
Тип привода

Hydromechanical / Electromechanical / Combined.

Dust free coke pushing systems Centralised dust suppression system; valve and belt; standalone dust suppression system
Mass, t 178,6-289,4
15mds25_2-sb-l5-korr 4dm21_6-sb-l5