Coke pushing rams (CPR) is a machine of a coke oven battery is designed for pushing coke from the oven.

  • maintenance of coke oven batteries with 12 to 51 m3 unit volume of coking chambers at the pusher end;
  • performance of 15 to 27 key, support operations and processing steps with various support options (transport, movement);
  • removal/setting of coke oven door;
  • production of coke cake from the chamber;
  • floating (levelling) of coal burden;
  • cleaning and maintenance of doors and frames;
  • lifting, lowering and cleaning of levelling boxhole door;
  • reception, storage and unloading of burden taken out from the furnace when levelling;
  • lifting, lowering personnel, maintaining the coke oven doors;
  • cleaning of spilled coke.

    Also, the arrangement of functional mechanisms and devices (providing the possibility of working in one or several positions).

    Energy supply of machine drive: electric, hydraulic in different combinations on gears;

    Control: power operated motor controllers, frequency transducers, software controllers.

  • Operating modes: manual, semi-automatic by operation groups.
  • Maintenance cycle time – up to 720 seconds.
  • Performance, yield/h – 5-7.

    Weight and dimension parameters, technical equipment (video control device and dust suppression devices, etc.) can be updated based on the additional orders.


Design Standard Single-throw
Volume of maintained furnace, m3; 21,6-51,0 21,6-51,0
Furnace height, m 4,3-7,0 4,3-7,0
Furnace service

With the several


From one plant

Moving speed, m/s 1,57-1,77 1,57-1,77
Pushing speed, m/s 0,5 0,5
Levelling speed, m/s 1,34-1,48 1,5-1,58
Door extractor moving speed, m/s 0,2/0,06 0,2/0,06
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa - 10
Drive type Hydromechanical/Electromechanical Hydromechanical/Electromechanical
Mass, t 178,6-289,4 180-370

Option 0.

Standard coke pushing ram: 3-deck frame gantry platform