Rock-tunneling machine KDR-6 is an electric driven self-propelled continuously operating machine intended for second mining and face operation in non-hazardous mines in terms of gas and dust explosion atmosphere.

   The machine is used for breaking and loading of rock mass with strength (f) up to 6 units by the prof. Protodyakonov scale in workings with inclination angle α = 0 ± 10°. The machine is most effectively used for seam mining with prospects less than 30 % in the ore body with f = 6 and less than 50% in the ore body with f = 5.

It is allowed to use the machine in workings with the following minimum clear dimensions: 1500 mm by height and 2500 mm by width.

      The broken material can be loaded into mine cars, onto the conveyor or other transportation vessels. The best performance is achieved when using the machine with conveying.

The machine can be used as a loader of ore, clay and other similar materials.

      The machine is designed for operation under moderate climate conditions (climatic version N), placement category 5 according to GOST 15150-69. At that the operating temperature range is +5 to +35 °С.

Relative humidity of the mine atmosphere – up to 98%.

The machine can be operated in water-flooded areas.

Electric equipment of the machine meets the requirements of RN2 standard mine rating in accordance with GOST 24754-81.




Technical performance, m3/min, min.


Operational capacity, per shift, m3


Overall dimensions, mm:




5524 ± 60

1305 ± 15

1420 ± 15

Operating width, mm

          by width

          by height

3750 ± 40

3100 ± 30

Installer power, rated, kW


Rated power of the cutting element drive, kW


Weight, kg, max.


Mean time between failures, h, min.


Voltage, V

          power circuits

          control circuits




Operating pressure in hydraulic system, MPa



          for drives of the boom, conveyor, pump

          for the trolley drives

          for the hydraulic cylinders of the boom lifting and rotation and conveyor lifting

- by push-buttons on site

- by shuttle levers / remote

- by shuttle levers on site