Cages the mine cage is designed for a man riding, transportation of mine carts, materials and equipment along the vertical shafts.

      It is used on single-rope and multirope winding plants, single-cage and double-cage hoists, main and additional shafts.

      Operating elements:

  • - ropes;
  • - metalwork;
  • - locking equipment;
  • - suspension equipment;
  • - safety gears.

      Support guides:

  • - double-sided wooden;
  • - double-sided rail;
  • - double-sided box-shaped;
  • - rope.

      The vertical shaft cages are classified as follows:

  • - non-tipping;
  • - tipping;

      The first type is represented by one and more floors, housing several carts. The design does of non-tipping mine cage for single-rope hoisting is a bearing metal frame covered with steel sheets. It is equipped with guide stop, suspension devices and safety gears, as well as the rail track for the cart.

      There are lightweight options made of aluminium and titanium alloys.

Range and Specifications (not complete list)


Fig.1 Some examples