VLGN-12 mine car is intended for transportation of staff, tools and cargoes along underground mining workings with inclination angle of 16 degrees.

Description, dimensions

Parameter value

Capacity, kN (t)

117.7 (12)

Number of people transported, pers.


Maximum winding speed, m/s:

 - at people transportation

- at cargo transportation




Retarder type:

with engagement of the track structure elements

Retarder drive:

- automatic at hoist rope break or overspeeding

- manual

Track gauge, mm


Mine car base, mm


Wheel diameter, mm


Axle spacing, mm


Hoist rope diameter, mm


Track inclination angle, degree


Overall dimensions, mm:

- length

- width

- height


10 500



Weight, kg, max.





      VLGN-12 mine car consists of:

- frame divided into two parts. The front part of the frame is enclosed with car edges and allows to place piece cargoes with a total weight up to 12 tonnes. Cabs for total 8 persons are located in the rear frame part;

- controls for activation of the emergency stop system in case of the hoist rope break, overspeeding by 15-25% and manual activation by a brakesman at the mine car or car string movement down the underground working;

- carriages, one of which is provided with a special wheel pair for  transmitting of rotational movement to the speed limiter;

- breaking carriage;

- cushion device for smooth breaking and stopping of the mine car;

- rope grip for connection with the traction rope;

- speed limiter for automatic activation of the parachute system when the car speed exceeds the allowed value.