street Svetlodarskaya (Chubar), 65, Slavyansk, Donetsk region, Ukraine, 84122


     PJSC "Slavyansky machine-building plant" - a dynamically developing company in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of cranes for various industries, material handling equipment, technological equipment of metallurgical plants, machines and equipment of coke-chemical enterprises, non-standard equipment with a mass all-in-one (transportable) pieces up to 30 tonnes and construction equipment and steel structures.

     Currently the plant is certified the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. Orientation on professionalism and quality are the concept of our company! In the production process we use only certified materials and components.

     Modern equipment and the constant search for optimal technical solutions allow to provide high quality products, short delivery times and competitive prices. The company possesses all necessary production spaces, open and closed warehouses, stock, trucks.

     Ensuring the competitiveness of the delivered machines, we aim to increase their consumer properties, to improve performance. Without qualified personnel the managerial level, workers and employees, the factory cooperates with customers in all fields of professional activities.

     Nomenclature of supplied products is constantly expanding. Engineering service of the plant, in addition to the development projects of new machines and equipment, performs individual orders for design modification of equipment, structurally different from the manufactured commercially. All you need to do to the customer to complete a technical task with settings and additional features.

     Mutually beneficial cooperation and reliable partnership, long-term experience with the industry allow us to solve our customers ' needs at a high level.

     Availability of necessary licenses to carry out productive activities and providing scientific and technical services in the amount above, allows the PJSC "SMBP" to take its rightful place among companies in its profile, gaining a reputation as a solid and reliable partner.

     Turning to us, You receive reliable, high-quality and durable equipment!

We are a company with a rich history

     History of PJSC "Slavyansky machine-building plant" starts in 1945. After five years at the company's facilities, which bore at that time the name "Mekhbaza", began mastering the production of lifting equipment. In this regard, somewhat later, the enterprise was renamed "Slavyansky boiler mechanical plant", and in 1989 in "Slavyansky mechanical plant".

     The tipping point for the plant began in 2003. As a specialized and certified company for manufacture and repair of hoisting machines and mechanisms with the capacity up to 100 tons, the plant has successfully mastered and began to steadily increase production for other industries.

     In 2004-2006 OJSC "Slavyansky mechanical plant" became the winner of regional stages of competitions on a rank "the Best employer of year" among the enterprises with number of employees from 101 to 500 people, and was also awarded "the Best employer of Ukraine 2005", "Best employer of 2006".

     From March 1, 2011 JSC "Slavyanskiy mechanical plant" was renamed as PJSC "Slavyansky machine-building plant".